Who Am I?

This is a story all about how my life got twisted, turned upside down…

Okay, I’ll stop there. This is my story but I’m not clever enough to make a parody version for that theme song. Well, maybe I am, but not today.

I was born in raised in Pittsburgh – it’s my favorite place to be. I met a boy, fell in love, moves with him to Connecticut, and moved back to Pittsburgh 10 years later. We had two kids and then he fell out of love, so my home consists of me and my two fabulous kids, and some cats.

I want to say that we have this idyllic, Pinterest and Instagram jealousy inducing life. But that wouldn’t be accurate. Let’s face it – I’m a single mom with two kids, so chaos, insanity, and clutter are the general rule of the day. And while I would be okay with a little less chaos, insanity, and clutter, I wouldn’t change most of it for the world.